Saturday, March 17

Saturday was a great conference day.  It started with Andrew Ellingsen’s session entitled “Sequencing Folk Dances for the Music Classroom.”  Most of the session attendees were up and dancing the whole time but I enjoyed watching him teach and correct.  I liked how he gradually introduced some of the more complicated items like the grand right/left and promenade position.  I left with some great ideas and I am hoping OKE will have him as a presenter in the future.



At 9:45am, I popped into “Musical Heritage in the High-Tech Age” presented by David Gadberry and Kathy Kuddes.  They were experiencing technical difficulties so Bev and I decided to head out for an early lunch and rest before her session at 2:30pm.

Bev Garner and Sandy Knudson presented “The Care and Feeding of High Do!” at 2:30pm.  They took the attendees through preparation songs and activities, showed how to present the concept, and then suggested and presented practice activities.  It was a great methodology fresher and I think all of the attendees were pleased with the ideas presented.




After their presentation, Bev and I went for dessert at the hotel restaurant – nothing like Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Cake to celebrate a successful presentation!

At 6:30pm, we headed over to the Phoenix Symphony Center for the national choirs concert.  We were dazzled by the children’s choir, youth choir, and concert choir.  They were AWESOME.  New OAKE President, Kelly Foster Griffin, lead us one last time in the singing of Harmonia Mundi before officially closing the conference.  It was a wonderful OAKE Conference in Phoenix.