Thursday, March 15

Today I have used the morning to register and walk around and site see!



After seeing the sites, I decided to come back to the hotel and check on the progress of conference set-up.



Angelyn Ullrich and her sister, Kevin Pearson, Sandy Knudson, and I ate lunch together at First Watch before our mini-conference began with Henry Leck.

Henry Leck’s presentation “Creating Artistry Through Laban Conducting Techniques and Dalcroze Eurhythmics” was awesome.  He started off by giving us an overview of Laban and then it was time to get up and moving.  He gave us a mini conducting lesson before we began practicing Laban techniques.  We discussed types of breath, how standing effects the way we breathe, starting and stopping the sound, and the different bodily hinges we use when conducting.  Although that had nothing to do with Laban or Dalcroze, I already felt like my mini-conference fee was worth its weight in gold!  We then continued through the workshop experiencing Laban movement and transferring it to our conducting skills.  I missed the Dalcroze section of the workshop because my roomie arrived.  Ask Angelyn or Kevin – they stayed.


At 7:00pm, the conference officially started with Opening Ceremonies.  If you have never been to an OAKE Conference, every chapter has a banner that is paraded in during the Opening Ceremonies.  Our president, Angelyn, was our banner carrier.  I must say that the Opening Ceremonies were quite crazy this year because Ginger Littleton (Western Division Prez) announced not only the chapters and their banner carriers but also gave a description of each banner as if they were runway walkers.  It was quite entertaining.  Dr. Jaccard from Brigham Young University gave the keynote address and then the Phoenix Boys Choir sang.  It was a wonderful kick off to the conference.