Wednesday, March 14

Although the conference has not started, I decided to include some details from Wednesday because the National Conference Choirs started rehearsals!  I have three girls in the Children’s Chorus so I apologize now for the abundance of Children’s Choir snapshots.  =)

The choirs registered from 2:00-4:00pm, met for orientation, and then had their first rehearsals starting at 6:00pm.  Below are some snapshots from the Children’s Choir rehearsal.


It was amazing to hear their first sounds as a group last night.  Their conductor, Fred Meads, spent time getting to know the students before starting rehearsal.  He always makes sure to ask questions and allow them to introduce themselves before speaking.  My girls love it already!  Before rehearsal ended last night, he ran through each piece.  Click the link below to hear Mendelssohn’s “Prayer for Peace”

Children’s Choir – Wednesday Night Rehearsal – Prayer for Peace

Check back for regular updates about OAKE 2012!!!