Fall 2012 – SD Mini-Conference

October 5 and 6, 2012 in Downtown OKC

Friday, October 5 – Contra Dance at Epworth Methodist Church

For our first event, we gathered with the Scissortail Traditional Dance Society for three hours of Contra Dancing!  Sandy Knudson, OKE member, served as the caller for the event.  It was so much fun and so crazy!   The men who belonged to the dance group really took our ladies for a “spin!”  It was a fun evening of live music and A LOT of movement.  I would just like to give a special “shout out” now to the ladies from CMKE who were some of the first to arrive and the last conference attendees to leave!  Way to go ladies!




Saturday, October 6 – Workshops

On Saturday, we met at the OKC Bombing Memorial Educational Facility for a full day of workshops with Dr. John Feierabend.  For the first hour, he delivered a Keynote Address.  During the break, there was time for shopping at the West Music bookstore before the opening session featuring the First Steps curriculum began.




After moving like stars and playing with some fun pitch exploration toys, we enjoyed a BBQ Chuck Wagon buffet for lunch complete with chocolate lava cake!  YUM!







After lunch time, it was time for a little more First Steps before diving into Conversational Solfege for the afternoon.  It was a lot of material to cover in a very short amount of time, but John did a wonderful job and everyone enjoyed it!




Before the workshop concluded, Sandy Knudson led us in the singing of Harmonia Mundi.  It was a wonderful way to end a fabulous day of learning together!




Before leaving for the evening, I took a moment to walk through the memorial side of the museum park.  It is hard to believe that a place of such tragedy can now be used for a place of learning, growth, and music making!  It truly was a moving experience.



Thank you to everyone who attended and helped with the event!  It was a wonderful second Southern Division Mini-Conference!