Spring 2014 – OAKE Conference

Personal Note from Angelyn Ullrich (OKE President): I am always inspired, rejuvenated, and motivated by attending the OAKE national conferences. This year’s conference was especially fabulous! PLEASE consider attending a national conference. There is a nationwide network of like-minded educators who are warm and welcoming and full of wonderful ideas and knowledge to share. I promise you will not go away disappointed.

GREAT things are happening in OAKE. New tracks are being added yearly. Leadership is committed and innovative. This is a wonderful time to be involved. I challenge you to step into greatness!

General Information:

  • Atlanta, GA, March 20-22, 2014
  • 40th Anniversary of OAKE was celebrated.
  • Co-chaired by Kevin Pearson and Ann Crouch; Hosted by Southern Division
  • Eight Oklahoma members attended; 401 were in attendance
  • 2015 Conference – March 19-21, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2016 Conference – March, Long Beach, CA

Leadership from OKE:

  • Joy Nelson completed her last year as OAKE Past President.
  • Kevin Pearson was installed as Vice President of OAKE in charge of national conferences. This is a three-year term.
  • Katie Robertson continues to serve as Southern Division Representative I and will run for re-election in the Fall.
  • Sandy Knudson will conduct the National Children’s Choir at the 2015 OAKE National Conference.

Important National News:

  • The new OAKE website will launch April 30th.
  • Full time students may join OAKE free of charge. A $20 fee may be submitted to receive the Envoy.
  • OAKE has enrolled 157 student members, plus an additional 70 student members are receiving the Envoy.
  • For every five new paying OAKE members, OKE receives one free national conference registration.       (OKE Board voted to use our “Comped Conference Registrations” as door prizes at our fall workshops.)
  • This conference included a very successful secondary track with Saturday sessions. This will continue next year.
  • National choir tryouts will no longer be accepted on CDs. Most people are already submitting MP3 recordings.
  • The 2012-’13 net assets gain was $96,439, which includes all chapter and division assets.
  • Our very own OKE member, Rachel Hammon, was one of four who were awarded the Jeno Adam Scholarship to assist with her continued training in the Kodály levels. The scholarship is $1000. Rachel will take level II in Tulsa this July.
  • There are two new OAKE-endorsed training programs: New Mexico and Seattle.
  • Look for the Special Edition 40th Anniversary Envoy to arrive in the mail soon.
  • IKS Conference will be held in Scotland in Late July of 2016.

Important Southern Division News:

  • The next national conference to be in the Southern Division will be in 2018. OKE plans to submit a proposal for the conference to be held in OKC.
  • Elections for the next term will include Southern 1 Rep and President Elect.
  • Amy Chaffin was elected as Southern Division President Elect and will become President in March of 2015.

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