Pam Golden Award

The Pam Golden OKE Award gives recognition to a member or past member who has given exceptional service to the organization and demonstrates(d) excellence in Kodály music education.  A nominee may be living or deceased, active or retired.


  • Must have demonstrated excellence in teaching.
  • Must have demonstrated personal and academic growth as a music educator.
  • Must have been a member of OAKE for a minimum of 5 years.
  • A minimum of 10 years of teaching music, a minimum of 5 of those years in Oklahoma.

Pam Golden Award Nomination Form

Previous Pam Golden Award Winners

 Pam Golden
Shirlee Bailey
Venaria Miller
Dr. Joy Nelsonjoy photo

Sandy KnudsonUnknown

Eddie Lou Strimple

Bev Anyandsc_0364

Angelyn Ullrich

Martha O’Banion


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