Bicinia Publication

OKE has finished and published their Bicinia Project. With the help of many OKE members, Sandy Knudson has collected the arrangements from various Level 1 participants, and the collection is now available for purchase!

There is a sliding scale of donation since this is a scholarship fundraiser.
$15 = Minimum Donation
$25= OKE Scholarship Supporter
$50= OKE Super Singer
$75= OKE Bionic Bicinia Benefactor
$100= Kodály King or Queen

Decide on your donation amount. Contact Sandy if you are close by and plan to come by to pick up your copy. If you need it shipped: add postage & handling in the amount of $5. Make all checks to OKE.

Please send your payment and your desired mailing address to me at :
Sandy Knudson
1121 Westbrooke Terr.
Norman, OK 73072

Thanks so much for supporting our scholarship endeavor. You will love the collection!

OKE would like to thank the arrangers, as well as our donors who support this project.